Celia: «Being able to teach my mother tongue is my dream job.»

Hi Celia, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello! Of course, my name is Celia, and I am the Spanish for foreigners (or ELE) teacher here at Yuhu. I’m from la terreta so in my classes you will not only learn the language, but also the culture of Spain and Valencia.
So from “la terreta”, could you explain what it is?
It is the affectionate way we Valencians refer to the region, I am from the area of Castellón.
Have you been living in Valencia for a long time?
Not really! I studied my degree in Castellón and then I spent some time living abroad, it wasn’t until a year ago that I finally moved to Valencia. I have always loved the city and I love living here now.
Did you study to become a Spanish teacher?
Yes and no, I studied Translation and Interpreting, and then a Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting. Although I haven’t worked in anything related to translation until now. Teaching languages is one of my degree’s professional possibilities and being able to teach my mother tongue is my dream job.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Although I know it make seem funny, I love walking, I’m very nervous and it helps me to relax. I also love going out with friends, hiking and listening to podcasts. And my new hobby is Crossfit, I started it a couple of months ago.
And finally, how would you encourage people to study Spanish?
Being in Spain, I think it is essential to know at least a little bit of the language, both for daily life and to be able to interact with the locals. But there are many more reasons, Spanish is a language with more than 599 million speakers, it can help you access many opportunities and meet many new people. For me learning a new language is like opening a door to a different culture where many unique experiences await you. Open the door to new experiences!

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