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Natalia: «Es mejor verlo una vez que escucharlo cien veces!»

Hola Natalia! cuéntanos un poco sobre ti!? Hola, soy Natalia y soy profesora en Yuhu. Nací en un país que ahora no existe, la URSS. Concretamente en un bonito lugar, Crimea, Ucrania. Tengo dos idiomas maternos que son ucraniano y ruso, y sí, son diferentes. Qué interesante! ? Y cuándo llegaste a Valencia? ✈ Llegué en […]

4 Russian Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Do ?

These aren’t your typical loan words. Here are a few words and phrases inspired by foreign languages (but with totally different meanings in Russian). It’s no secret that the world is very much in contact with itself. Political boundaries are not set in stone, and linguistic boundaries are even blurrier. As such, just about every […]

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