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¿Cómo aprender regular and irregular verbs?

Para usar muchos verb tenses in English, necesitamos saber the past forms of the verbs. All verbs have a base form or ‘infinitive’ (por ejemplo, look, make, play). La mayoría de verbos, called ‘Regular verbs’, siguen the same pattern y crean the past simple and the past participle using the same word ending, -ed.  There […]

Tv shows to help you learn English!

While hay muchas maneras diferentes de aprender English, one of the more enjoyable ways de aprender es ver series de televisión. Thanks to subtitles, puedes divertirte viendo tu favourite show mientras aprendes plenty of nuevas palabras y expresiones en inglés, improve your listening skills y mejorar la comprensión de cultural references. What is not to […]

5 razones por las que tu negocio necesita inglés.

No hay debate that English is useful en el mundo de los business, independientemente de si una company es international or not. Aquí tenemos five reasons por las que tu negocio necesita invertir en English classes para tus trabajadores. If you Don’t use it, you Lose it. Mantener el level de un idioma requiere effort. […]

Four Russian Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Do.

These aren’t your typical loan words. ? Here are a few words and phrases inspired by foreign languages (but with totally different meanings in Russian).?? It’s no secret that the world is very much in contact with itself. Political boundaries are not set in stone, and linguistic boundaries are even blurrier. As such, just about […]

Valencia, Spain: The healthiest city in the world!

Valencia has once again been named the healthiest city in the world according to Money.co.uk.?. Crowned consecutively for a second year, the study evaluates how cities prioritise the health of its locals and visitors through several key factors. ? Analysing what contributes to a healthy lifestyle, seven distinct areas were taken into account during the […]

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