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8 Ways To Tell Someone Off in Spanish and Russian.

Why settle for ‘buzz off’ when you can tell someone to ‘go for a walk’ in Spanish? ? For most people, taking up another language is something we do because we want to connect more with the world around us, not because we’re looking for increasingly creative ways to be mean (though if you are, […]

Valencia, Spain: The healthiest city in the world!

Valencia has once again been named the healthiest city in the world according to Money.co.uk.?. Crowned consecutively for a second year, the study evaluates how cities prioritise the health of its locals and visitors through several key factors. ? Analysing what contributes to a healthy lifestyle, seven distinct areas were taken into account during the […]

Winter Traditions In Russia & Sweden

In northern Europe, certain winter traditions are crucial for surviving the dark, cold season.? Imagine waking up and going to work in pitch darkness.? Just before lunchtime, the sun is rising, only to set again some time after your lunch break.? You go home from work in darkness and wake up again fourteen hours later […]

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