8 Ways To Tell Someone Off in Spanish and Russian.

Why settle for ‘buzz off’ when you can tell someone to ‘go for a walk’ in Spanish? ?

For most people, taking up another language is something we do because we want to connect more with the world around us, not because we’re looking for increasingly creative ways to be mean (though if you are, learning insults in other languages is a great place to start). ?

But there comes a time in every student’s journey for learning to articulate one’s boundaries. ? For instance: “No thanks, I’m busy tonight.” Or “Hey, I really didn’t appreciate that comment you made the other night about Maluma’s new song.” ☹

Because every language is ever strange and colorful, there is no limit to the varied ways in which you can express your displeasure with someone. ?

If you’re curious about insults in other languages, we’re here for you friend. Here are 8 ways to tell someone off in Spanish and Russian (and their somewhat awkward English translations). ?


?? ¡Vete a freír espárragos!

?? Go fry asparagus!*

?? ¡Que te zurzan!

?? I hope you get mended!

??¡Vete a paseo!

?? Go for a walk!

*This expression dates back to the 19th century, and it refers to a time when asparagus was usually boiled, not fried. Frying asparagus was therefore seen as a pointless activity that could keep someone occupied for quite some time.


?? Отвали! (Atvali!)

?? Back off!

?? Закрой дверь с другой стороны! (Zakroi dver’ s’drugoi storony!)

?? Close the door from the other side!

?? Я бы вас послал, да вижу вы оттуда! (Ya by vas paslal, da vizhu vy ottuda!)

?? I would send you there, but I see you came from there already!

?? Иди в баню! (Idi v’banyu!)

?? Go to the bathhouse!

?? А не пошёл бы ты лесом? (A ne poshel by ty lesom?)

?? Wouldn’t you go walk along the forest?

Before you tell someone off, you might want to learn to say «hello» in a new language first. ? How about coming to yuhu and learning a new language? ?

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