Ayse: “ I am a huge fan of this beautiful language.”

Hello Ayse, welcome to Yuhu Crew! ?

Hi there! Thank you so much, I’m so excited to join you all!

Why did you choose to be a teacher? ?‍?

After studying English for many years I couldn’t part ways with it because I am a huge fan of this beautiful language and I decided to be an English Teacher.

This passion encouraged me to enrich my knowledge with a master on English Studies after graduating from English Language Teaching department. 

Do you just love languages or travelling too?✈️

I love travelling! My passion for languages opened many roads for me and I have been to 10 countries so far. In one of those adventurous trips I found myself in Valencia to do my teaching practices and I fell in love with this city!

…did you learn Spanish then??

Yes, one year ago when I decided to move here I immediately learned Spanish as I was fully motivated and my passion helped me learn it like a bandit!

Do you have more passions/interests than languages? ?

On the other hand, I am a dance lover and it takes a great deal of my time and energy which makes me extremely happy in the end. I attended many different competitions with my dance group and even though I am not a professional dancer anymore, dance is always in my veins!

Can you give some tips to our students, please?☺️

As I mentioned my passion: languages, travel and dance, the best tip for my students would be to find their own passion in the wide scope of English.

Once they find the method that they enjoy the most, the language will be easier to play with!
You know where to go to chase your passion, Yuhu is awating for you!

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  1. Juan Pedro dice:

    Ayse fue mi maestra más didáctica, cálida y paciente. Aprendí mas con ella que en muchos años de instituto. Es una gran profesional muy recomendable.

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