Ashley: “Be the change you wanna see in the world!”

Hello Ashley, welcome to the Yuhu blog!!?

Thank you man! It’s a pleasure.

Do I have to call Ashley? ?

Yes you can, either Ashley or Akira Ryu.

How many languages do you speak??

I speak 3 languages: English, Mandarin and Japanese.

You can speak all these languages since you were a child, right??

Yes, growing up as a multi-linguist, I constantly take the beauty of languages as unmeasurably mesmerizing.

Did speaking those different languages give you a new way of seeing the world? ?

Yes, from the grippingly delicate strokes of Kanji characters to those fascinating mythological tales of Aeneid, not only does mastering a brand new language render us more confident across an array of occasions, but it also constitutes a magic conduit for those who covet a ‘sneak peak’ into that subtle set of values, cultural norm and even the history of religion unique to that specific ethnicity linked to the target language. 

So why don’t you hop on this bubbly bandwagon of lenguas with Yuhu and let the PARTY begin!

Do you have some tips for our students?☺️

Be the change you wanna see in the world!



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