Maurizio: «Do or try everything you can!»

Hello Maurizio, tell us something about yourself! ?

Born in the Netherlands, raised in Spain, not too far from here. At the age of 15, I moved back to The Netherlands to finish high school and start my college years as an occupational therapy student.

It seems like you enjoy travelling, what places have you been to? ?

During my studies, I travelled the world to do internships, minors, and of course during the summer breaks. Countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, all the countries of the continent North America, Portugal, Italy, England…

That’s amazing! And what’s your work experience? ?

I have worked in psychiatric hospitals, a zoo, a rehabilitation centre, with my father, and last but not least, for myself. I am adventurous, free, and mostly a real go-getter.

Do you have any hobbies aside from travelling? ?

I like exploring, working out, animals and nature.

When did you move to Valencia?

I moved to Valencia about 3 weeks ago to go live together with my amazing Italian girlfriend Sibilla.

And why did you decide to start teaching here at YuhuLearns? ?

During a bike ride through the city, I stumbled upon the Yuhu building. I got attracted by the colourful appearance and funny catchphrases. I was so impressed and amazed by it that I decided to enter and apply. I have had experience with teaching and I am aiming to become an economics teacher. I am thrilled to work at Yuhu and teach English to students that are devoted to improving their current level. In my opinion one can never speak too many languages, they are real door openers for a better and adventurous future. My life quote is: “Never not living”.

We completely agree! ? Do you have any advice for our students? ?

Mix up your life. Do or try everything you can. You’ll never regret exploring too much.

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