Jen: «Fake it until you make it!»

Hello Jen, tell us a little bit about you!?

Hiya! My name is Jen and I am a teacher here at Yuhu Learns.

How did a Yorkshire lass end up in Valencia??

Well…that is a long story but I will make it short.

I was born in a small town in the north of England, and from a small age I grew a passion for people, arts and books. This is still true for me today, and has influenced my choices of study, profession and also hobbies.

It was not long that my parents decided it was time to go on an adventure…and that is when we moved to Spain.

Did you enjoy coming to Valencia??

From the beginning I was hooked on the idea of travelling! I have lived in different cities and countries…and I know I still have a lot to discover, but for now Valencia is fitting the bill pretty nicely.

Do you have any hobbies??

As I have mentioned before, my main interests are books, people and arts, that is why I decided to study Psychology. When I am not studying or teaching I am probably reading a book. It is my favourite pass-time

Does studying Psychology affect the way you teach??

I am fascinated by the human mind and behaviour, and how it is developed in each society and culture differently. I love bringing to my classes this aspect of knowing your mind and also seeing the steps my students take when they are learning the language. It is like I am on a journey with them.

Do you like being a teacher??

I have been a teacher my whole life. English being my mother language, and having lived in countries where it is not spoken as a first language led me down this path! People are always full of questions and I love it.

Can you give some tips to our students, please??

I always say the best advice I can give my students is not to be afraid of making mistakes…and to just believe that even though you are not speaking perfectly now, you will in the near future. In other words, fake it until you make it!

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