Patricia: “You always learn by failing.”

Hey Patricia, tell us something about yourself ☺️

Well, as all of you may already know I’m Patricia and I’m one of the teachers at Yuhu Learns. I was born and raised in the city of everlasting sunny days, eternal summer vibes, and orange scent: Valencia. I am actually very fond of my city and all the culture that lays behind it, I have been a fallera my whole life, so I guess that’s where my passion for mascletàs and paella comes from ?☀️?

Is there a culture that you love as much as your own?

I must admit my heart is kind of divided, though. I am a UK lover and I have been lucky enough to be in contact with British culture extensively. So I would say that I am also an Earl Grey and biscuits’ lover too, and that I sometimes enjoy grey skies and drizzling rain. This love for British culture is of the reasons why I took a bachelor’s degree in English and German studies, to feel even more connected to these cultural aspects that really enthral me. Transmitting all these cultural aspects is also something that inspires me while I’m teaching English ??☕️☔️

Tell us how you enjoy spending your leisure time.

I’m basically obsessed with travelling because I’m a quite curious person, and that may be some of the reasons why I also enjoy art so much. I really like getting lost in the streets of a foreign city and get immersed in the lifestyles of that place, trying new things, and adventure ✈️?

What if you can’t travel?

When travelling gets expensive, however, I explore to other places by reading. It is my biggest hobby, and it allows me to sit down and relax while I discover new concepts and experiences ??

My students also know that I am addicted to memes… I just can’t stop scrolling down on Twitter to see what comes next!

Why do you enjoy teaching English?

I guess that teachers cannot be made: one is born to be a teacher. Teaching basically goes with my personality, since it allows me to connect with people and help them in ways that cannot be achieved in any other job. Observing my students’ progress is one of the things that encourage me the most and make me think that I chose the best profession. Another thing that I really like about teaching is that you never stop learning about your profession… Every day is a whole new world! ??

Any tips for English students reading this blog?

Not everybody is lucky enough to travel and be in first-hand contact with Anglo-Saxon cultures. So here are some of my bits of advice if that is your case:

The best thing you can do is read, especially if you want to improve both your reading and writing skills. If novels or poetry are not your cup of tea, then go for something that you feel passionate about. For example: If you’re fond of animals, read articles about them, if you like being up to date, read the news.

It doesn’t really matter what you choose, the crucial thing is that you read as much as you can ???

Any tips for those who don’t enjoy reading?

 Audio-visuals are always very good learning materials, since they also allow you to focus on pronunciation. TV series, movies, TED Talks, reality shows… Everything counts! ??‍??

Can you give us an extra tip?

You should always learn by failing. Making mistakes is both common and very beneficial for English learners, since noticing them may make you improve quicker. So, don’t punish yourself when you don’t know something! Embrace your mistakes and you’ll feel better about your learning process.

Never stop learning! Being curious is one of the best qualities when it comes to learning English or any other language. So, explore as much as you can: you’ll be surprised by everything that you can discover by learning a language! ??

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