Pablo: “Practice makes perfect.”

Hi Pablo! Tell us a little bit about you! ?

Hey! My name’s Pablo and I’m a teacher at Yuhu Learns. I was born in Valencia but I moved to England with my parents when I was three. 

How was the experience of living in England as a child? ???

I spent my entire childhood there, in a town called Haydock, between Liverpool and Manchester and I hold very dear memories of those years, from being at school with my friends to playing in the streets and hiking in the forest near my home.

Fun facts: I even loved the weather!

Why did you return to Spain? ?

Some years later, my parents decided it was time to move back to Spain and, as you can imagine, I wasn’t too fond of this idea. Returning to Spain was a bit tough for me, I soon realized that my life had changed drastically but I got used to it after a few months.

Why are you an English teacher???‍?

I started teaching seven years ago, I soon found out that it was my passion so I began with kids and soon moved on to adults because I really enjoy teaching and helping other people reach their goals. 

Tell us…What is your favorite thing to teach?☺️

What I enjoy teaching the most is also what many people usually fear, you guessed it… Grammar!

Do you have any hobbies???

I’m a sporty guy. I love lifting weights, swimming and cycling. But what I’m really passionate about is dancing. I try to learn at least one new dance routine every other week, well, every month would be more accurate ? 

Wow… that sounds really cool! What else do you enjoy doing in your free time? ?

I also love doing activities with my dog. Whether it’s going for long walks, playing in the dog park, or just chilling. I’m also a bit of a geek, I love reading comics, playing videogames, and watching TV shows, especially horror and fantasy like Game of Thrones or American Horror Story.

Can you give a tip to your students or future students? ?

A great tip for learning English or any other language is to not be scared. We all learn by making mistakes, and that’s ok! You should also get used to watching as many things in English as possible, with or without English subtitles. 

Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t give up and give it your all at Yuhu with us ?

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