Luigi: «Start with what you really need.»

Hey Luigi, please tell us something about yourself and your native country.

I’m Luigi, teacher at Yuhu Learns. I come from Colombia, which is not, as students sometimes think, a country full of drugs, kingpins and corruption, but a beautiful, historic country located in South America.

Colombia is famous for its coffee, nature, beautiful landscapes, diverse weather conditions and overall its charming people. The great amount of rainforests in my city is ideal for hosting amazing wildlife and the fact that Buenaventura, my city is surrounded by the pacific ocean is just wonderful.

I’ve also lived in Cali, a beautiful city very well known worldwide for being the international capital of Salsa, we love dancing. I studied a Bachelor’s degree in foreign languages English and French at Santiago de Cali University and later continued to live and work in a gorgeous country, Brazil. Place that holds my greatest memories as an educator of languages, I learned so much about my profession being there.

Why did you move to Spain?

The reason why I came to Spain was because I have an inner urge to explore the world and learn from different cultures however Spain wasn’t part of my bucket list, everything happened in a very curious way. I got a job opportunity in Spain and decided to make the move. It’s a long story.

Tell us about your free time activities.

I’ve always liked outdoor pursuits such as taking a walk around the park, hiking  and cycling, and I also enjoy activities that involve water such as snorkeling and swimming in the ocean, and, as I recently moved  to Valencia, most of my spare time is now spent doing roller skating, it became one of my biggest passions ever. Valencia is the perfect city for what I like to do. 

How long have you been living in Valencia?

I’ve lived here for about 4 months teaching English and studying a master’s degree in Education, and as long as I keep finding new challenges, I’ll keep doing it.

Any tips for English students reading this blog?

  • Read everything you can get your hands on.
  • Actively take note of new vocabulary.
  • Subscribe to podcasts or YouTube channels (in English).
  • Start with what you really need.
  • Don’t kick yourself while you’re down.

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