4 Russian Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Do 📚

These aren’t your typical loan words. Here are a few words and phrases inspired by foreign languages (but with totally different meanings in Russian). It’s no secret that the world is very much in contact with itself. Political boundaries are not set in stone, and linguistic boundaries are even blurrier. As such, just about every […]

Prepositional verbs & Phrasal Verbs

In English, muchos verbos are followed by prepositions and adverbs. In some cases estas combinaciones are called ‘phrasal verbs’, mientras in other cases they are prepositional verbs. What’s the difference? Vamos a verlo together. What is a prepositional verb? Un prepositional verb es un verbo seguido por la preposition. El significado of  these two words […]

¿Cómo aprender regular and irregular verbs?

Para usar muchos verb tenses in English, necesitamos saber the past forms of the verbs. All verbs have a base form or ‘infinitive’ (por ejemplo, look, make, play). La mayoría de verbos, called ‘Regular verbs’, siguen the same pattern y crean the past simple and the past participle using the same word ending, -ed.  There […]

❌DELETE❌ 6 Errores que cometes cuando redactas tus emails en inglés

Dijiste que tenías advanced english, así que tu boss te pide que mandes un mail a uno de los foreign clients😱. ¡Vas esperando semanas and nothing! No replies at all! Maybe es porque estás cometiendo uno de estos 6 errores al escribir tu mail en inglés and if you don’t get better at it, tu […]

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