Fabian: “Enjoy every bit of the process.”

Hi Fabian! Tell us a little bit about yourself. ?

Hello there I’m Fabian! I’m a teacher at Yuhu learns, Proud Londoner and a true reflection of British diversity.

So… you’re from London, right? ?

I was raised in the East end and South parts of the city, where I grew up being exposed to many sides of British culture from our very traditional local pubs to a hard to miss chippy (fish and chips bar ) always found myself fascinated by our multiculturalism perhaps one of the reasons why I called New York City my second home as I spent another important part of my life living and working there. I’ve also spent time working in Paris and have travelled across parts of Asia and Latin America due to my Colombian roots.

Wow! Can you tell us something more about London? ??

London is the home and birthplace of the English language and some of the most iconic landmarks ever created including Buckingham palace home of the Queen of England, Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament one of the oldest democratic institutions in the world, an island filled with beautiful landscapes and countless number of interesting cities each with a unique charm and character ready to impress any visitor.

Why do you enjoy teaching English???‍?

Travelling + sharing my knowledge and experiences is what I enjoy the most about teaching; indeed one of the main reasons why I chose English literature as a career and therefore became a teacher.

Do you have any hobbies???‍♂️

A proclaimed fitness fanatic with one of my long term hobbies being swimming since my early years, and must confess! I’m a true lover of an afternoon cuppa (Afternoon tea)… ☕️ ?

How long have you been living in Valencia??

I have been living in Valencia for over a year now, a city I have found surprisingly interesting and charming with its many leisure activities it has to offer such as beautiful beaches and well preserved natural parks which are absolutely perfect for outdoor sports, with family links here Valencia was a great spot for a new place by the sun.

Any tips for English students reading this post??

A personal tip for any students reading this blog is to never give up, be determined and embrace the culture of the language that you’re learning,
I suggest try introducing English into your day to day i.e Reading things that you like, getting familiar with international news broadcasting channels and whilst Netflix & chilling make sure it is fully in English?

I’m sure they’ll be lots of new vocabulary to pick up and learn from your favourite series; 

One last thing don’t forget to enjoy every bit of the process, it’ll all eventually make perfect sense… 

See ya ????

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